Delivery & Payment

I. Ordering

Our company cooperates with banks and electronic security certification units to offer five methods of transaction on our online platform:

  • Postal Remittance
  • Hsinchu Express Cash on Delivery 
  • Online Credit Card Payment 
  • Telegraphic Transfer Payment 
  • ATM Transfer Payment

When consumers shop online, please follow the ordering process. After the related shopping procedures are officially confirmed, our company will immediately be notified of the order details through an automated email system and will arrange for delivery.


II. Payment

  • Postal Remittance
  • Proceed to the post office for postal remittance transfer:
    • Account Number: 05607007
    • Account Name: 山進電子工業股份有限公司 SANGEAN ELECTRONICS INC.

Please specify the model and quantity of the items being purchased or any remarks on the back of the communication form.

Our company will receive the postal remittance receipt within three days. If consumers require urgency, you can first fax the computer receipt from the postal counter to the company. After receiving the fax, the company will dispatch the goods immediately.

FAX: 2223-3784 (Please leave “Online Shopping” as note)

Once our company receives the postal remittance receipt or urgent fax receipt, the company will arrange to ship the goods.

  • Cash on Delivery (The total purchase amount must exceed NTD$1,000 to use this method)
  • Currently handled by Hsinchu Express (新竹貨運). We have a contract with Hsinchu Express, so customers can opt for cash on delivery via our website. Please pay the product price in cash to the delivery personnel. Any additional charges will be borne by our company.
  • Online Credit Card Payment
  • In collaboration with banking entities, we offer a secure shopping experience for consumers through 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • ATM Transfer Payment
  • Hua Nan Commercial Bank (華南銀行) Code: 008
  • Account Number: 169-10-0000-262
  • Telegraphic Transfer Payment
  • Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Nanyonghe Branch (華南銀行南永和分行)
  • Account Number: 169-10-0000-262


III. Shipping

Our company ships via Hsinchu Express or Chunghwa Post (中華郵政). The shipping areas are limited to Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu. The actual delivery time will depend on the logistics provider's volume on the day of delivery, and we cannot guarantee a specific delivery time.


IV. Product Warranty

Our products are backed by the warranty provided within the package, ensuring customers' reasonable rights. If there are any abnormalities during transport or upon startup operation within seven days, our company will replace the item free of charge.


V. Customer Information

All online shoppers automatically become members of SANGEAN ELECTRONICS INC. Our company will create and manage profiles based on individual characteristics. We will email related product information, academic, technological news, and any special promotions to consumers.

For any further questions, you can find them here.