Privacy Policy Content

In order to maintain personal privacy and to support the protection of personal information, SANGEAN will use the following statement to explain the purpose, type, scope and method of use of the use of personal information collected by SANGEAN. If you have any concerns regarding to the privacy statement, the items notified below or anything related to the protection of personal information stated by SANGEAN, feel free to contact SANGEAN’s customer service center and SANGEAN will respond and explain them as soon as possible.


Applicable Scope

SANGEAN’s privacy statement and all of the notified items included are only applicable to the website owned and operated by SANGEAN. SANGEAN’s website may include many links or other partners, and the commodities or services provided by individual store owners; in regard to the privacy statements and notified items related to the protection of personal information of these linked websites, partner websites and online stores by individual store owners, please refer to the linked websites, partner websites or online stores of these individual store owners.


Data Security

SANGEAN will use reasonable technologies and procedures that comply with industry standards to maintain the security of SANGEAN’s personal data.


Rights of data subjects

Data subjects can request to inquire and browse their personal data, or request for a copy of it. If your personal data has been changed, or that you discovered that your personal data is incorrect, you may request for SANGEAN to modify or correct them. When the purpose of collecting personal data disappears or when the deadline is up, you can demand for SANGEAN to delete, stop processing or using your personal data. However, data required for SANGEAN to perform duties or businesses are not limited to this.



If you do not wish to provide the related personal data required for the various services or transactions to SANGEAN, and agree for SANGEAN to collect, process, utilize and internationally transmit related personal information described in this privacy statement and related notified contents, SANGEAN will respect your decision. However, according to the natures or conditions of various services, you may not be able to use these services or complete related transactions; SANGEAN also reserves the right to decide whether to agree to provide these related services or complete related transactions.


Revision Rights

SANGEAN has the right to revise this privacy statement and related notified items at any time and may announce them on SANGEAN’s website after revision without further notice. You can read the details of the revised privacy statement and related notified items on SANGEAN’s website at any time.